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Thanks for making it possible for me to serve!

Please join me for my re-election fundraiser!

Travis County Commissioner Brigid Shea

Monday 12/6, 5:30 PM

The Allan House

Your support matters!

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Thanks for making it possible for me to serve!

Please join me for my re-election fundraiser

Travis County Commissioner Brigid Shea

12/6 5:30 PM

The Allan House

Your support matters!

To donate:

I have drawn a primary opponent, so I’d appreciate your support!

Please join me Monday, December 6 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the Allan House, 1104 San Antonio Street. We’ll have delicious food, wonderful music, and great company.

Free parking: entrance on south side of 12th Street between Nueces and San Antonio Streets.

Music: Strings Attached, House of Wills Project (western swing band)

Food & beverage: Delicious appetizers from Word of Mouth Bakery and complimentary beer and wine.

Covid precautions: Come vaccinated! We will be on the patio under a tent with fresh-air circulation.

To sponsor or purchase tickets: Click here.

Lots accomplished! More to do!

I first ran for county commissioner because I believed that, as a society, we were not doing enough to prepare our communities for the devastating effects of climate change. Since taking office in January 2015, we’ve made progress not only in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, conserving water and being better prepared for wildfire, but also in making major strides in criminal-justice reform.

Water: In our downtown county buildings and jail, we’ve stopped using treated drinking water for air conditioning replacing it with reclaimed wastewater. We’re now saving 40 million gallons per year. I’m pushing UT and the state capital complex to do the same.

Wildfire: To prepare our communities for wildfire, my office created Neighborhood Fire Drills. These community exercises are akin to the fire drills we used to do in school and serve the same purpose: preparing people so they know what to do. The National Association of Counties gave us their 2020 Achievement Award in the category of Risk and Emergency Management.

Greenhouse gases: At Travis County, we are measurably reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by having one of the most aggressive telecommuting policies in the region. As a result, we’ve already reduced emissions from commuting by 30% and saved $1.3 million on our utility bills. We also recently directed staff to plan to an all-electric fleet of county vehicles.

Criminal-justice reform: Travis County has a long history of innovation in criminal justice, but we’re stepping it up a notch. When I first took office, Travis was the largest county without a Public Defender’s Office, and now we have one. I recently passed a motion directing staff to investigate allowing our Sobering Center to also be used for mental-health diversion.

Your support makes it possible for me push ahead aggressively for change at the local level and often achieve a multiplier effect. By thinking globally and acting locally, we’re showing other communities what’s possible. I am honored to be able to serve our community, and I ask your help in winning another term.

(signed) Brigid